Utopia Power Manager - Enterprise Power Management software

Utopia Power Manager
Help the environment and save money without without impacting user productivity and cost.

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Utopia Power Manager - Enterprise Power Management is now free. Don't believe us - download and see for yourself. There are no restrictions.

For more information on our platform see PC Power Management. This is the only product on the market to have a built in IM, Announcements along with a complete distributed scheduler.

We are pioneers in PC Power Management Software. Our first PC Power Management application was released in 1998 called TimeDown. This was then followed with Auto Shutdown XP Professional and WOL Manager.


Gill IT was formed in 1998 with the release of TimeDown.

We are a privately held organisation with a vision of helping organisation reduce energy consumption, CO2 and helping the environment - Green IT.

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Independent Market Research

Cost savings remains the No. 1 motivator for green IT initiatives
Forrester Research: Market Overview: A Slowing Economy Won't Slow Down Corporate Green IT Initiatives, Dec 2008
PCs and monitors account for 40% of all global information technology CO2 emissions. Data centers account for only 23%
Gartner: Green' IT and Data Center Power and Cooling Issues, Sept. 2007



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