The most advanced Auto Shutdown application on the market.

Automatically shutdown computers, save user data. Reduce electricity wastage and bills. Secure networks in the process.


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  ASD XP Professional 2005

  ASD XP Professional 2005 for Education/Charities and non-profit organisations

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Version 2005
Platforms Windows NT SP6a, 2000, XP
Price Single user licence $39.99 USD.

Education institution, charities and non profit making organisations $34.99.

Multi-user licensing available on request.
Some of the comments people have sent us about Auto ShutDown:



"Shut down PCs at the end of the school day"
Rick Ferenc School, South Australia
"To enable task performing at night"
Simon Bakker, The Netherlands
"Energy Saving"
Shannon Reynolds, US
"Have the PC shutdown after a task has been completed at the end of the day"
Jonathan Evraire
"Shutdowns after download off net at certain time..."
Mike Morris
"To insure daily shutdown"
Rolland F. Reed, New Port Richey, Florida, USA
"Power conservation"
Casilo D. Hughes, Orlando, USA
"To run programs while away from computer."
Larry Wallen, Lincoln, USA
"Play music while in bed"
Arjan van de Wetering, Netherlands
"Shut down after early evening auto-backup is finished"
Mr Jan Bjorck, UK
"Prevention of use by kids"
Peter van de Zanden, Netherlands
"To switch the PC off after leaving a program like scandisk on"
Ronald, Malta
"Scheduling shutdowns"
M Blume, Sydney, Australia
"So Wake-On-Lan will work reliably."
Larry A. Fenton , Seattle, USA
"When I'm watching TV on my computer, I hate leaving my bed to switch my PC off."
Liane, Nice, France
"I am pleased to finally find something like this. I run my Scan-Disk and Defrag while asleep. This allows me to shutdown after these operations"
Dennis Horvath, Blackfoot, USA
Great software...keep up the good work. You are helping the environment greatly!"
Ian Johns , Toledo, USA
"I've heard some good comments about this program, so I would like to probe it..."
Ives Gómez, Mexico
"It is really a great software, especially when I'm defragmenting my computer or"
Xiao Mo Nu, Malaysia

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