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  Auto ShutDown XP Professional 2005 released with the first customisable Auto Save Manager.

Gill Information Technology releases its latest version of Auto ShutDown Professional. This version brings superior Conditional Shutdowns, the first customisable Auto Save Manager and Net Script Synchronisation.



Auto ShutDown XP Professional ensures PC’s are shutdown when they are not being used.

A PC, Server or a Remote PC can be scheduled daily, weekly or on a specific date to shutdown, reboot, log off or restart.

The new Auto Save Manager can automatically save documents which the user was working on before the computer is shutdown. These may be new or existing documents. All the documents are stored on the local computer according to the date and time they were saved.

This is the first completely user configurable Auto Save Manager. Applications can be added individually to the Auto Save Manager lists. There are two lists which are maintained by the application.  

Applications which belong to the White list will be saved where as those on the Black list will be ignored.

No scripts need to be written or edited with the Auto Save Manager.

It can be very difficult to update scripts for hundreds of computers in any organisation. Net Script Synchronisation allows scripts to be updated from a central computer. When the master script is updated all the computers will automatically update their script.

Users can now leave there PCs to download data/Render animations/Print documents or any other time consuming task knowing once complete their PC will shut itself down or log the user off.

Network administrators can ensure entire rooms of computers are shutdown at the end of each day. Saving valuable electricity and tightening security at the same time.

It can prevent people from using a PC for a 24 hours period once shutdown.

Auto ShutDown XP Professional was the first application to use Microsoft®.NET Performance Counters for conditional shutdown of a PC. Performance counters are the mechanism used by Windows to collect data on various system resources.

Auto ShutDown XP is the most advanced application of its kind. It helps schools, colleges and businesses conserve electricity by ensuring all PCs are shutdown everyday. It can help companies to prevent unauthorised use of PCs once the PC has been shutdown.

Gill Information Technology was the first company to pioneer ShutDown Management software with its TimeDown utility in the mid 1990s, later releasing Auto ShutDown for Windows 95, 98.

Auto ShutDown XP 2005 cost $39.99 and is available to download online from http://www.gillit.com. Educational Institutes, charities and non profit making organisations qualify for discounts.


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