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  Millions wasted every year because people do not switch computers off.

Electricity costs money, but do we all really know how much? Millions could be saved annually by simply switching off computers.


  A vast number of people take electricity for granted especially when they are not the ones paying the bill each month. We are all fairly happy leaving electrical appliances and computers switched on without considering how much it will cost us.

A PC left on for 24 hours each day can use £60 or more of energy per year. If the same computer is turned off at night and weekends, it will only use around £15 of energy per year a staggering difference.

According to the Carbon Trust an office with 100 PCs, annual energy cost savings could be around £5000 and £15000 if sited in an air-conditioned office.

The accumulated cost of wasted electricity is overwhelming; it adds up to hundreds of millions globally.

Over the last couple of years power outages have happened in the US from New York to Detroit and Toronto to Ottawa in Canada. The UK suffered power outages in London and Birmingham within the space of a week.

An expert who advises the UK government has said power cuts could hit the UK within two years (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/3496844.stm)

Electricity has never been more precious we can all do more to help prevent it being wasted. By conserving as much electricity we can all help prevent fossil fuels depleting at the same time. Remember most of the global electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels. Further by saving electricity we save money from our own pockets its so simple.

Manually switching off all the computers at the end of the working day is not always feasible. Organisations and individuals will be pleased to learn there is specialist software already available.

Auto Shutdown XP Professional 2005 from Gill IT is the most advanced and yet very easy to use product of its kind. This application ensures PCs are shutdown when they are not being used.

A PC, Server or a Remote PC can be scheduled daily, weekly or on a specific date to shutdown, reboot, log off or restart. ASD XP will even save the users work before switching off what more could you ask for?

ASD XP Professional will change the way management view computers. Traditionally viewed as an expense with this application every existing computer is an additional saving.



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