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  Utopia Power Manager Enterprise PC Power Management Software with the first Central PowerShell Repository.

Gill IT releases its latest enterprise PC power management software, Utopia Power Manager which helps organisations improve PC energy efficiency with centralised management.



Utopia Power Manager enables organisations to manage computers and power policies centrally in real-time. Computers can be organised into groups to reflect their physical location or left on the default group to create company-wide policies. Power Management schedules are created and assigned to these groups which lower the energy costs without impacting user productivity. Reduced energy costs also mean reduced CO2 emissions.

PC power management is an established area of software which has been independently proven to pay for itself in a short period of time. In tough economic times such as these; Utopia Power Manager can help organisations improve their bottom line.

Utopia Power Manager can save on average £30/$48 per PC per year. For an organisation with 1000 computers this could translates into a saving of £30,000/$48,000. With 5000 computers the savings could be £150,000/$240,000.

Gill IT has integrated PowerShell; a command-line shell from Microsoft into Utopia Power Manager to automate tasks such as saving open documents. This vastly expands the benefits of this product to become a central management application for network administrators.

Utopia Power Manager has a central PowerShell repository which stores scripts for execution. Scripts are automatically downloaded from Gill IT. Clients can create and manage their scripts in their own private repository in Utopia Power Manager. Scripts can be scheduled; or run on demand. This provides a tremendous benefit to network administrators.

The task scheduler enables central management of jobs such as virus scans, hard disk defragmentation and power management. Schedules can be one off, reoccurring every day, week or month. Dynamic task schedules can be created based on any number of performance counters. Tasks can have dependencies assigned to ensure they run in a sequence.

Users can schedule their own tasks for power management or system maintenance locally.

Utopia Power Manager makes powering up computers simple with its integrated Wake On LAN and Power On features. It also has a feature which will accept an email with a list of computer names to wake-up. This is ideal for use with smart phones.

Other unique features include a built in Instant Messenger, Announcements and Terminal services integration.

There are numerous graphs and reports to enable organisations to measure their environmental and financial saving.

Utopia Power Manager will not impact end users. All tasks can have warnings set; tasks can be postponed or cancelled. Open documents can be automatically saved before powering down. It is also possible to opt out for a period of time.

Gill IT has redefined PC power management software with Utopia Power Manager and set themselves apart from their competitors.

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