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  Utopia Power Manager Enterprise PC Power Management Software is now completely free

Gill IT has decided to no longer charge for its enterprise PC Management software, Utopia Power Manager which helps organisations improve PC energy efficiency with centralised management.



Utopia Power Manager has been hugely successful.

Our solution is no longer used solely as a power management application. We are finding users especially our enterprise clients using its scheduling capabilities for for all sorts of tasks. From sending notifications for users to even trialling it as a grid network.

As the application continues to grow - we have decided to set it free. There are a number of factors which have led to this decision. It was not an easy decision - in fact it was an extremely difficult step. After all the hours over so many years which have gone into the development of this application, at times making it free seems an illogical step.

However our ultimate goal is to ensure our platform is the number one choice for organisations when they look for centralised power management.

We also want to see how innovative our users can be with our application. This application allows all the computers in an organisation to be centrally managed which opens up so many possibilities. If you think your are using Utopia Power Manager in a really cool way? let us know. If you have written a PowerShell script which automates tasks which others may also find useful let us know. We may add it to the central repository for all to use.

So what's the catch? We all know nothing is really free. We need to fund the application development and maintain the servers. This all takes time, passion and some money. All free versions of Utopia Power Manager will display 3 adverts per day at scheduled intervals. We feel this is reasonable. We can reduce the number of scheduled adverts or even disable adverts completely for a donation.

Remember Utopia Power Manager will save your organisation money. Simply by ensuring electricity is not wasted.

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Gill IT has been developing PC Power Management software since 1998. Gill IT has developed Auto Shutdown XP Professional and WOL Manager Professional. These PC power management applications have been used by thousands of organisations globally; generating substantial environmental and financial savings.

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