Utopia Power Manager
Enterprise Power Management

Gill IT Utopia Power Manager; real time central Power Management of enterprise PCs.


Key features

  • Centralised PC Power Management
    Create groups to represent teams or physical location of computers. Then assign schedules to manage the power state of the group

  • Real-time monitoring, graphs and control
    Monitor every computer from Utopia Power Manager client. The Administrative client can be run from anywhere is the organisation and changes can be made to any computer in real-time.

  • Execute tasks on demand

  • Power management schedules
    Different schedules can be applied to each building, floor or even team. Schedules include “One time”, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Performance Counters. Dynamic schedules can be created using performance counters

  • Reporting
    View reports to understand where additional savings can be made and see realised savings with the environmental impact

  • Run Conditions
    Tasks can have pre-conditions assigned

  • Execute scripts - Integrated with PowerShell
    Run scripts to automate tasks such as saving open documents even if the computer has been locked

  • Automatically receive new scripts and updates

  • Power down to any desired state

  • Power up automatically

  • Independently power off monitors

  • Wake On LAN

    • IP Directed

    • Subnet Direct

    • Broadcast

  • On Demand Remote Wake On LAN

  • Auto Power On

  • User notifications

    • Warning messages with support for speech synthesis

    • Instant messenger

    • Send announcements

  • The most advanced PC Power Manager


Key benefits

  • Reduce energy consumption, CO2 and improve operating costs, save $20 - $70 per PC each year

  • Return on investment within 3-6months

  • Measure financial and environment impact

  • No impact to end users

  • Easy to install and setup

  • Real-time centralised management of all PCs

  • Seamless management of applications before changing to the desired power state

  • Improves network management

  • Highly scalable and configurable

  • Improves network security

Platforms Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server
Price Free



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