Utopia Power Manager
Enterprise Power Management

Gill IT Utopia Power Manager; real time central Power Management of enterprise PCs.


Technical Overview

Each Utopia Power Manager (UPM) installation has at least one server and database. All clients within the organisation connect to this server. The client UPM server connects to the Gill IT Server for authentication and retrieving the latest scripts.

The following diagram demonstrates a deployment:



Gill IT Server

  • Used for authenticating client servers

  • Maintains the latest scripts

Utopia Power Manager Server

  • Core Utopia Power Manager Server

  • Maintains client groups and schedules

  • Sends notifications of group and schedule updates to clients

  • Generates reports

Utopia Power Manager Database

  • Default installation is configured to use MS SQL Express Server 2005/2008

  • We advise using MS Server 2005/2008

Utopia Power Manager Client

  • Installed on each client computer and laptop

  • Retrieves schedules assigned for current group

  • Run schedules and tasks

  • Runs Powershell scripts

  • Auto Save open documents


Platforms Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server
Price Free



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