One of the most advanced WOL applications on the market to date.

WOL Manager Professional enables multiple PCs to be powered up elegantly saving time, money and offering flexibility.



Most IT support departments carry out vital system upgrades in core office hours since all the required computers are powered on. This can be disruptive and costly.

WOL Manager Professional enables users to wake up entire rooms of computers from a single computer. Ensuring computers are ready for upgrades and maintenance.


How WOL Manager Professional works

WOL Manager Professional maintains a database of computers on your network. This database has all the information required for WOL Manager Professional to boot up any of these computers. More then one database can be created to reflex the physical network organisation.

When a certain room of computers is required to start-up, the relevant database is loaded. The required computers are selected by the user and WOL Manager Professional then sends messages to each of these to wake them up.

The last date and time each of the computers is awoken is recorded in the WOL database.

Version 2005

Target Platforms
Windows 2000, XP

Windows 95/98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
Price Single user licence $29.99 USD.

Education institution, charities and non profit making organisations $24.99.

Multi-user licensing available on request.

Some of the comments people have sent us about Wake On LAN Manager:



"Automatically start up computers before a training session begins."
Den. Reed, New York, USA
"IT Support find this an invaluable piece of software"
Denial Johns, Toronto, Canada
"We use this app to aid PC maintenance while the user's are away from their computers."
Leanne Wallen, Seattle, USA

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